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ESS Legal Assurance Scheme

How it works

Why Join Legal Assurance Scheme?

In Tanzania, free Legal aid is available only for individuals with income below $150 per month, but private advocate fees start at $ 500, leaving out those earning between $ 150 and $ 500 a month

In view of this, ESS has come up with an innovative and unique approach known as the ESS Legal Assurance Scheme which will enhance people-centered justice affordably.


The Legal Assurance coverage is like having a lawyer on retainer. You purchase our services before an incident happens, so when you need legal services as a member, you can access them.

We have four categories of cards: Gold, Platinum, Silver, and Copper to choose from depending on individual choice, and these cards have an annual subscription fee:

1. A gold card that covers 6 people in a family is for Tsh 360,000/= per year.

2. A Platinum card that covers 4 people in a family is for only Tsh 300,000/= per year.
3. A Silver card that covers 2 people in a family is for only
Tsh 180,000/= per year.
4. A copper card that covers a single person is for only
Tsh 120,000/= per year.











Each card costs Tsh 5,000 per person covered.

The Program has been in operation since 2018. Enrolled members who have benefited from this program have a motto that says “Don’t Talk to Me, Talk to My Lawyer.” 

This legal assurance service is a new approach owned by ESS CREATIVE AND LEGAL FOUNDATION LEGALLY with copyright number C0837187 and has full Government blessings.

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