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Empowering Women, Building a More Just Tanzania: ESS Announces New Project!

Dear friends of ESS Creative and Legal Foundation,

We are excited to announce an upcoming event that celebrates empowerment and inclusivity. In collaboration with FUWAVITA, we'll be hosting a gathering to shed light on a critical issue: the challenges faced by women with hearing impairments in accessing legal justice, particularly through alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Why This Matters

Tanzania promotes ADR as a way to ensure access to justice for all. However, women with hearing impairments are often excluded due to the lack of sign language support. This exclusion deepens existing vulnerabilities and creates an unequal justice system.

Introducing Our Project

ESS is tackling this head-on with a new initiative aimed at empowering over 300 Peacemakers by 2030. We'll work with partners like FUWAVITA to:

  • Raise awareness of ADR among women with hearing impairments.

  • Advocate for systemic change that ensures sign language access.

  • Reduce legal costs by 70% for disputing parties.

  • Shorten dispute resolution time to less than a month.

Join the Movement

Mark your calendars! Our launch event takes place in July at the American Space. This promises to be an inspiring gathering where individuals from various fields can connect and share ideas.

Your presence and support are crucial as we work towards a more inclusive and equitable Tanzania. Together, we can ensure that every voice is heard.

Stay tuned for more details about the event and how you can get involved!

In solidarity,

The ESS Creative and Legal Foundation Team

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