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What We Do

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We empower underserved communities and people with disabilities to resolve their disputes peacefully through mediation. This approach is faster, cheaper, and more collaborative than traditional court litigation, which is expensive.

By providing access to mediation and public legal education, we help people feel confident in resolving their disputes themselves and trust the justice system.



We empower peace-makers through knowledge and resources, fostering democracy in dispute resolution. These peace-makers, equipped with skills, become agents of sustainable impact by transferring their expertise to others. Our dedication is to create a lasting legacy of accessible mediation services, promoting justice and trust in communities for generations to come.




ESS's mediation program generates vital income that fuels our social impact initiatives through two key channels. First, fees from private mediation directly contribute to operational costs, allowing us to maintain a skilled team of mediators and offer accessible services. Second, our role in court-appointed mediations provides a stable revenue stream set by the Chief Justice, ensuring long-term financial stability.


In both cases, these resources are reinvested into our social impact initiatives, fostering lasting positive change in the communities we serve. Ultimately, choosing ESS for your mediation needs is an investment in peaceful conflict resolution and a brighter future for Tanzania.


Administrative Support Services

The program aims to provide administrative support services such as scheduling and case management to certified ADR practitioners, including mediators, in exchange for a fee. The revenue generated from this fee-based service will ensure the program's long-term sustainability.

Membership Fees

The Federation of Peacemakers Network will be established as a membership-based network for ADR practitioners. Members of the network will have to pay a subscription fee to access ongoing training, resources, and a platform to connect and share best practices. This membership revenue will help sustain the program and network operations.

Legal Assurance Scheme


ESS Legal Assurance Scheme provides a profitable and sustainable model for delivering affordable legal services, promoting social justice, and empowering communities.


This innovative and unique approach enhances people-centered justice affordably. And the service operates like having a lawyer on retainer. As a subscriber, you purchase coverage before needing legal services, providing easy access to legal assistance when a situation arises.



  • High customer retention: On average, an ESS Legal Assurance customer will require legal assistance only once per year.

  • Reduced court costs: 70% of cases are resolved amicably through mediation, avoiding costly court proceedings.

  • Sustainable profit: Only 30% of cases require court representation, resulting in a profit margin of 20% after operating costs.

Financial Sustainability:

  • Reduced reliance on external funding: Over time, the reliance on external financial support diminishes as the service becomes self-sustaining.

  • Increased outreach: Profits are reinvested in community outreach programs, educating people about mediation and ESS services.

  • Growing subscriber base: As community awareness increases, more people subscribe to the service, diversifying revenue streams.

ESS Legal Assurance covers the following:

  • Mediation

  • Legal support services: legal opinion, documentation, and representation

  • Legal education to public and special groups through social media platforms and Special Day Events

Areas of specialty


  • Family justice (marriage, inheritance, will, etc)

  • Land disputes

  • Labor dispute

  • Commercial disputes

  • Criminal cases


ESS Legal Assurance  does not cover


  • Political disputes


"Don't talk to me Talk to my lawyer"

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