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Meet The Team

1. Collaboration

Partnerships Expansion

4. Expansion

Peace-maker community

7. Reach

Online Mediation Information Platform

10. LegalEmpowerment

Selling Simplified Legal guides

2. Fieldwork

Community Outreach Hubs

5. Empowerment

Training Community Leaders

8. Efficiency

Paperless Management System

3. Inclusivity

Support for people with disabilities

6. Convenience

Flexible Mediation Handling

9. Assurance

Legal Assurance Scheme


ESS Creative and Legal Foundation is run by young and enthusiastic professionals who have the vision to contribute to access to justice for all people as one of the basic Human Rights. We are a team of ten, where 6 are women, with the combination of expertise of lawyers, mediators, finance experts, ICT professionals, marketers, and business experts.

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